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I've come across this piece of code in my O.S book:

void *foo()
     // does something


What is the meaning of void *foo? Does that mean the function return a pointer to something of type void?

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It means that foo is a function that can take any number of arguments and returns a pointer to an object of any type (or, more pedantically speaking, a pointer to an object of type void, but there are no objects of type void). – user142019 Oct 28 '12 at 4:33
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void * means it returns a pointer to some type, it isn't specified which. In order to be used the pointer is casted to the appropriate type and then used. The fact that void *foo is just a matter of spacing.

Check out this explanation

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No, it means that the function returns an pointer of the untyped type - void*.

This is a "generic" pointer type. Any pointer to data can be cast to void*, and returned back to the caller. However, in order to dereference the pointer, you must cast it to a non-void pointer type (int*, long*, char*, and so on).

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I would say the pointer is typed, but it's the type it points to that is untyped. – Pubby Oct 28 '12 at 4:34

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