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Why is this not working as expected (at least for me)? I can't figure why.

class Fred:
    def __init__(self):


for i in range(5):

for i in lista:

All I get is 5 times the number 4 and not from 0 to 4. Any comments? Thanks

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this is bcoz all the elements in lista are referencing to the same element,, and the you see the number 4 since its the latest updated value of the object fred –  avasal Oct 28 '12 at 4:46

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What is happening is that the reference to Fred is being overwritten each time you loop in the for i in range(5). If you move the fred=Fred() inside that loop and create a new object each time, then you should see the expected result.

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You've got one Fred instance and keep adding that one instance to the list, changing its a property while you do that. Adding to the list does not copy the Fred object; it just adds another reference to the same object. You can get your expected behavior by creating a new Fred inside each iteration of the loop.

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