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I have a script say script1 that imported many functions from other scripts. say func1(), func2() and func3() for example. I would like to pause the script when an entire function is completed.

Which means usually if I pause script1 normally when func1() is executing, the script will pause when some line of func1() is completed. Now I want to guarantee the pause happens after func1() has finished execution.

Is there any possible way to achieve this? Particularly, is there any way I can detect which line of script1 is executing now and add a line of code like "Pause On" after it?

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Can you give an example of this? I'm only 50% sure what you mean. – FakeRainBrigand Oct 29 '12 at 5:36
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I have been thinking about nesting functions, but that doesn't work either. Can't you just add a Pause call right after the orginal code where you called the function? So not INSIDE the Function, but right after where you called the function.

In AutoHotKey (right click, [OPEN]) you can go to [View], [Lines most recently executed]. Run the script until it pauses, then hit F5 to see which lines were executed before the pause.

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Thanks Robert, I did it in the similar way: with a interruption handling function globally accessible and a function call at the end of each function (inside the function), a key press (like pause) will change the value of a pre-defined variable (like pauseFlag) and the function can check the variable to determine whether to pause the script. Thank you and sorry for replying so late. – yifei Jan 14 '13 at 10:34

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