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I have been looking around ocn Google and Stackoverflow but haven't found what I needed, but my question seems quite simple. Anyhow;

What is the way to convert a string of RTF special characters such as "\'d3\'d6" (In this case Russian) to unicode chars or string using C#?

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any of the following should help:

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You can convert those characters:

int findUTF = -1;
bool continueUTFSearch = true;
  findUTF = HTMLText.IndexOf(@"\'", findUTF + 1);
  if (findUTF != -1)
    string replacedString = HTMLText.Substring(findUTF, 4);
    string esacpeddString = replacedString.Substring(2);

    int esacpeddCharValue = Convert.ToInt16(esacpeddString, 16); 
    char esacpeddChar = Convert.ToChar(esacpeddCharValue);

    esacpeddString = esacpeddChar.ToString();

    HTMLText = HTMLText.Replace(replacedString, esacpeddString);
    findUTF = -1;
    continueUTFSearch = false;
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