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I am getting an error with the following TypeScript code:

 ///<reference path='../../../Shared/typescript/jquery.d.ts' />
 ///<reference path='../../../Shared/typescript/jqueryStatic.d.ts' />

 function accessControls(action: Action) {
        .click(function () {
            var $link = $(this);
            window.location = $link.attr('data-href');


I am getting an underlined red error for the following:


The message says:

Cannot convert 'string' to 'Location': Type 'String' is missing property 'reload' from type 'Location'

Does anyone know what this means?

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window.location is of type Location while .attr('data-href') returns a string, so you have to assign it to window.location.href which is of string type too. For that replace your following line:

window.location = $link.attr('data-href');

for this one:

window.location.href = $link.attr('data-href');
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you have missed the href:

Standard, To use window.location.href as window.location is technically an object containing:

href    <--- you need this
pathname (relative to the host)


 window.location.href = $link.attr('data-href');
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