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I am currently implementing a certain functionality with Factory classes as follows:

public class TemplateFactory {

    Template template = null;

    public static Template createTemplate(Message message){
        if(Message.getMessageId() == Message.WELCOME_MESSAGE) {
            template = new WelcomeTemplate(message);
        } else if (Message.getMessageId == Message.RESET_PASSWORD){
            template = new ResetPasswordTemplate(message);
        return template;

public class TemplateClient {
    public static void Main(String[] args){
        Message message = new Message(args[0]);
        Template template = TemplateFactory.createTemplate(message);

How do you implement this with Google Guice considering that bindings are determined dynamically during runtime?

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You can use the guice extension called AssistedInject for creating factories.

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I have had a look at it and since an new to Guice I find it confusing. Please assist with a quick example. Thanks. – Waliaula Makokha Oct 29 '12 at 7:50

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