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in USB modem (Huawei E1550) command AT+CMGD=0,4 deletes all SMS from memory.

But I cannot do the same in MC52i. AT+CMGD=? returns just OK, no options it is showing

+CPMS: "MT",85,85,"MT",85,85,"MT",85,85

How to delete ALL SMS at once?

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You should look at ClearLink developed by ClearConnex. ClearLink works on a big list of modules and should be able to help you with your problem. here is the list of other modules:

  • Cinterion MC75i
  • Cinterion TC63i
  • Huawei MG323
  • Huawei MU509
  • Sierra Wireless Q2687, SL6087, WMP100, Fastrack, GL6100
  • Telit GE864-PY
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thank you. I will give a try –  ADO_kg Oct 30 '12 at 9:09

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