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I have some code like

// Includes, namespace and prototypes
#include "template.h"
#include "Global.h"
#include "Sprite.h"
#include "Gesture.h"
#include "Touch.h"

using namespace AGK;

Gesture currentGesture;

// Begin app, called once at the start
void app::Begin( void )

How would I call currentGesture's constructor in this context so I can utilize it? I know it isn't called by merely defining it above app::Begin.

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Actually, it is.

Gesture currentGesture;

defines a variable called currentGesture with external linkage and global scope. The constructor is called before entry in main, so the variable is alive and well by that point. You can use it in this translation unit as currentGesture or ::currentGesture.

Other translation units will have to declare it first:

extern Gesture currentGesture;
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It seems like I've got other problems then o.0. Thanks for clarifying! – Vigrond Oct 28 '12 at 8:06

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