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I am trying to solve the Hamiltonian Cycle problem. I am able to find a path with all the vertices, but unable to complete the cycle.

Can someone provide me with an algorithm to find the cycle?

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Determining if a graph has a Hamiltonian Cycle is a NP-complete problem. This means that we can check if a given path is a Hamiltonian cycle in polynomial time, but we don't know any polynomial time algorithms capable of finding it.

The only algorithms that can be used to find a Hamiltonian cycle are exponential time algorithms. Some of them are

  • Brute force search
  • Dynamic programming
  • Other exponential but nevertheless faster algorithms that you can find here
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This is one of the most basic problems in computer science, there are plenty solutions depending on what you want: start here

There are also SO answers related: here and here

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I hope this below link which i found will help you lot with clear explanation......

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