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I have a PanZoomImage class defined like this:

<Border Grid.Row="0" Name="border" ClipToBounds="True">
    <Canvas Name="canvas">
        <Image Name="image" RenderOptions.BitmapScalingMode="NearestNeighbor" Stretch="None" 
           Source="{Binding Path=Source}"

Sometimes I want to display Adorners on the image so I have a property that gives me the AdornerLayer for the image:

public AdornerLayer Adorners
        return AdornerLayer.GetAdornerLayer(image);

I use this property to add different adorners to the image. The problem is that when I pan or zoom the image, the aodrners are not clipped and are displayed outside the control that holds the PanZoomImage, like this: No clipping

I tried several solutions:

I tried setting ClipToBounds=True for the border, the canvas and the image.

I tried setting ClipToBounds=True for the AdornerLayer and for each Adorner individually.

I tried setting a Clip Geometry in Adorner's OnRender.

I also noticed there's a IsClipEnabled property to Adorner but when I tried setting it to true, I kept getting a NullReferenceException (even though the Adorner was definitely not null)...


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