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my git log is like this:

commit 7cfdafdad623d2529f9c2069549619d117f4f43ec
commit afdafdafd0165af0651c1c4670bc2cd53738c2433
commit 1235cebdd758c1314ca0002a2c11f9693f43deafb

How can I move the most recent 2 commits to a new branch? (Note: most recent are at the top)

I am thinking

git branch newbranch
git reset --soft HEAD~1
git checkout newbranch
git commit -a 
git checkout master
git reset --soft HEAD~1
git checkout newbranch
git commit -a

Is there a better way? I think my way will lost the git comments. I kind of remove the commit and re-check in.

Thank you.

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You can simply issue the following two commands:

git branch new_branch_name
git reset --hard HEAD~2


  1. Create a branch called new_branch_name in the current (latest) commit, but don't checkout that branch.
  2. You're still on the old_branch. Next step is to point it to 1235ce. This is done using reset --hard.

Now old_branch is pointing to 1235ce, and new_branch_name is at 7cfdaf.

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