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I need to scrape a webpage with javascript and looks like this is resolved in the example at http://snipplr.com/view/66996/renderedinteractive-javascript-with-gtkwebkitjswebkit/ referred in question Extracting data from Web code uses webkit downloader class. I understand that I need to invoke process_request function. What do I pass in as parameter in request. I looked through scrapy documentation to see if I have to pass request object created in scrapy but that does not work.

Also, I understand that the spider object is to be passed in process_request as the last parameter. Which object should that be? Sorry I am new to python, scrapy and webkit so maybe asking questins with obvious answers.

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You don't "invoke" process_request manually, you only have to declare it, the engine will invoke it with all the right parameters. Just create a file called middleware.py (or whatever you want to call it) and type in:

class WebkitDownloader( object ):
    def process_request( self, request, spider ):
        if not isinstance(request, FormRequest):
            webview = webkit.WebView()

and all the rest of it, and then in your settings.py file type in:

    'mybot.middleware.WebkitDownloader': 1000,

That should get your middleware working.

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