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I study PHP.I'd a XAMPP installation on one of my PC.

I used phpmyadmin for mysql purposes.

But Lately, I installed MYSQL server for a java project purpose.

The problem is that, now I can't access mysql services through phpmyadmin browser


It shows an error. #2003 MYSQL ERROR.

IS there any way that, I could use these both simultaneously?

Because, I'm used to be familiar with these ?

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If you had XAMPP installed, then MySQL is included in it, hence the M in XAMPP. So installing another instance of MySQL wasn't needed. –  Havelock Oct 28 '12 at 11:12
Thank You! for the reply. Appreciate it. –  Harin Lakmal Oct 28 '12 at 14:05

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using xampp with another installation of mysql is easy. you need to do 3 things:

1) in xampp/phpadmin/config.inc.php and make the following changes:

  • line 21 change the password
  • lines 31-32 change the values to a different user (such as the root user listed on 20-21

2) go into xampp/mysql/data and copy the phpmyadmin folder and copy it to the data folder for the other installation (note: by default in windows this is in a hidden folder called program data, so you'll need to turn on view hidden folders in your folder options) so for example, on my drive it's C:/ProgramData/MySQL/MySQL Server 5.5/data. copy the phpmyadmin folder into the data folder. this will put the phpmyadmin tables into your mySQL installation.

3) restart everything

this won't fix everything, but it will allow you to access/edit tables from within the admin panel. a couple of other things need to be copied/tweaked to get it perfect

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