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On my website's login area, users can manage the content they've created(on my site). I have a table showing all the items they've created. In one of the 's, PHP prints from which IP that particular "item" was created. On page load, I then run a javascript that iterates over all the IP addresses printed on the page and adds some additional information(country,city). I use an external API to get the additional information.

But, most users login from the same ip, therefore looking up info for the same IP multiple times(which will probably be the case for every user) is unnecessary. I then created an object whose keys are the ip addresses and whose values are the objects returned from the external API (containing additional info). The idea was then to see if the ip exists as a key in the object prior to looking it up, to reduce any additional traffic.

Here if the code: The first function iterates over all the ip addresses on the page. (it is called on page load). It is supposed to check if the ip exists as a key before looking it up with the API.

function core_ip_start(){

                var ip1 = $(this).text();
                var id = this.id;

                if(ip1 in global_ip_obj){
                    var data = global_ip_obj[ip1];
                    console.log("FOUND IN STORAGE: "+ip1);



        function core_ip_trace(ip,id){
                url: "http://api.hostip.info/get_json.php",
                type: 'GET',
                data: { 
                    ip: ip,
            success: function(data) {                               
                global_ip_obj[ip] = data;
                console.log("STORED: "+ip);
        function core_ip_inject(data,id){

            var ip_city = (data['city']);
            var ip_country_code = (data['country_code']);
            var ip_country_name = (data['country_name']);
            var ip_adress = (data['ip']);
            //var lat = (data['lat']);
            //var lng = (data['lng']);
            var br = "<br>";
            var inject_html = ip_country_code+" - "+ip_country_name+br+ip_city+br+ip_adress;
            id = "#"+id;

(The global_ip_obj is defined outside of the functions and therefore it exists globally)

The second function looks up additional info and stores the data in the object and the third injects all the additional info.

The problem is that it never seems to load the data from the object. The second function is started, even though an ip already exists in the object. Maybe jquery .each runs all at once before calling the second function that stores the results in the object.

Any help is appreciated!

PS. Feel free to use these functions in your own projects for looking up ip addresses!

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Why don't you just use if (global_ip_obj[ip]) { data = global_ip_obj[ip]; ? – Paul Tomblin Oct 28 '12 at 11:12
if(ip1 in global_ip_obj) won't work... @PaulTomblin test is what you want – charlietfl Oct 28 '12 at 11:22
if (global_ip_obj[ip]) didn't work :( same results – user1564624 Oct 28 '12 at 16:52

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