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Is there a way to receive right click mouse events on a Fabric.js canvas?

The following code works only with left click:

canvas.observe('mouse:down', function(){console.log('mouse down'));
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Just watch for click event on canvas (not via fabric but using DOM methods), then check that it's right click and not left. –  kangax Oct 28 '12 at 20:10
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The way I did this was to listen for a right click event across the entire canvas and match up the x,y coordinates of the click event to the object which is currently sitting at the given location. This solution feels a little like a hack but hey, it works!

$('#my_canvas').bind('contextmenu', function (env) {
    var x = env.offsetX;
    var y = env.offsetY;
    $.each (canvas._objects, function(i, e) {
        // e.left and e.top are the middle of the object use some "math" to find the outer edges
        var d = e.width / 2;
        var h = e.height / 2;
        if (x >= (e.left - d) && x <= (e.left+d)) {
            if(y >= (e.top - h) && y <= (e.top+h)) {
                console.log("clicked canvas obj #"+i);
                //TODO show custom menu at x, y
                return false; //in case the icons are stacked only take action on one.
    return false; //stops the event propigation
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This solution doesn't work for overlapping objects. :( –  jsbeckr Sep 10 '13 at 11:52
@jsbeckr it works in the sense that it finds the first canvas object that matches those coordinates and then stops. You could get smarter and build up a list of objects at that x/y location and then pick one of them to take action on (e.g. the one at the highest z-index?) –  Chris Montgomery Sep 11 '13 at 18:46
Yep I did that. And I realized that your solution doesn't consider scaled objects. Which was quite frustrating... :D But it's quite easy to fix that: var d = e.width * e.scaleX / 2; and var h = e.height * e.scaleY / 2; –  jsbeckr Sep 12 '13 at 8:46
@jsbeckr what about rotated objects ? did you managed to make a fix for that too ? –  Bor691 Jun 17 at 6:16
@Bor691 Sorry I didn't need that. :/ –  jsbeckr Jul 3 at 14:42
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