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Maybe this question is a little stupid however I just cannot figure out how to manage my gists when following this post Github Gists in Eclipse.
I have already seen my gist list like the picture shown in step 6,however it seems that I have no permission to edit the Files in the gist repository. Surprisingly, I can edit the the Description contents and submit. What's more, I cannot remove the existing Files, but can attach more local files into the repository(although the edit time does not update).

  1. So am I missing something when configure the GitHub Mylyn Connector?

  2. And where does those gist files go when I Clone Gist in the Task List view?

I was testing using this gist,the description are changed and there are now newly added file google-reader-subscriptions-20121020_1024.xml,however files like A.md cannot be changed or removed from local using Mylyn?

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