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Is it possible to use XPath Query in Python while processing XML. I am using minidom which doesn't support that. Is there any other module for that?

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etree supports XPath queries, just like lxml.

etree is included in the standard library, but lxml is faster.

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Support for XPath is limited in ElementTree though, as quoted in the Python 3 docs: "This module provides limited support for XPath expressions for locating elements in a tree. The goal is to support a small subset of the abbreviated syntax; a full XPath engine is outside the scope of the module." –  Bart Kleijngeld Apr 3 at 19:28

ElementTree is included. Under 2.6 and below its xpath is pretty weak, but in 2.7 much improved:

import xml.etree.ElementTree as et
root = et.parse(filename)
result = ''

# How to make decisions based on attributes even in 2.6
for e in root.findall('.//child/grandchild'):
    if e.attrib.get('name') == 'foo':
        result = e.text
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My favorite XML processing library for Python is lxml which, because it is a wrapper around libxml2, also supports full XPath.

There is also 4Suite which is more of a pure Python solution.

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