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I have a small yaws appmod test:


http(parse_query,Arg) ->

out(Arg) -> 
    {html, [http(parse_query,Arg)]}.

When the yaws_api:parse_query function is ran I get the following ERROR REPORT from the yaws interactive mode:

Yaws process died: {function_clause,

The appmod is setup in config with:

<server localhost>
    port = 8080
    listen =
    #docroot = /usr/share/yaws
    docroot = /usr/lib/yaws/www
    appmods = </,webservice>
    # dir_listings = true
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Though you don't show it, it looks like the URL you're trying to access has a query string with at least one variable named i, something like this:


For that URL, yaws_api:parse_query/1 will return [{"i","10"}], which you're then trying to return to Yaws as HTML using the {html, iolist()} construct. Unfortunately, [{"i","10"}] is not an iolist, string, or binary, so Yaws fails.

You can fix this by converting [{"i","10"}] to a string using the yaws_api:f/2 call, like this:

out(Arg) ->
    {html, yaws_api:f("~p", [http(parse_query,Arg)])}.

or using the standard io_lib:format/2 call:

out(Arg) ->
    {html, io_lib:format("~p", [http(parse_query,Arg)])}.

The yaws_api:f/2 function is just a wrapper around io_lib:format/2.

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