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Hello First of all let me show you my model:

class ChannelStatus(models.Model):

        channel = models.ForeignKey(Channel,unique_for_date="date")

        date = models.DateField()

        platform = models.ManyToManyField(Platform)

Right now, when I want to make an ChannelStatus entry, there cant be more than one entry which is the same channel and the date.Now, I want to change this as the uniquess of each channel to the date for each platform, so different platforms can have several same channel with same date. How can I achieve this ?

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Ok, what about this. (Untested code.)

class ChannelStatus(models.Model):

        channel = models.ForeignKey(Channel)

        date = models.DateField()
        class Meta:
            unique_together = ('channel', 'date')

class ChannelM2M(models.Model):
    channel_status = models.ForeignKey(Channel)
    platform = models.ForeignKey(Platform, unique = True)

[Old answer]

 class Meta:
    unique_together = ('channel', 'date', 'platform')

Btw, I would change the name of the second field from date, one you are working with datetime, and sometime do from datetime import date, you are going to get bitten

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thanks but seems like unique_together is not supported for Manytomany fields :S main.channelstatus: "unique_together" refers to platform. ManyToManyFields are not supported in unique_together: main.channelstatus: "unique_together" refers to platform. This is not in the same model as the unique_together statement. – crib Aug 21 '09 at 12:53
Added a new answer does that help you? – agiliq Aug 21 '09 at 13:17

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