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$("canvas[name=myCanvas]").index(0).width( $(window).width() );
$("canvas[name=myCanvas]").index(0).height( $(window).height() );

Hello I have three canvas on a page. How can I set up only the first canvas width and height? And how can I access the third?





not worked

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Use the method eq()


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+1 for your solution –  AnandVeeramani Oct 28 '12 at 13:52

Try this

$($("canvas[name=myCanvas]").index(0)).width( $(window).width() );
$($("canvas[name=myCanvas]").index(0)).height( $(window).height() );


$($("canvas[name=myCanvas]")[0]).width( $(window).width() );
$($("canvas[name=myCanvas]")[0]).height( $(window).height() );
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$($("canvas[name=myCanvas]").index(0)): double wrapping slows down extremely! –  bukart Oct 28 '12 at 13:52
have you tested this? –  bukart Oct 28 '12 at 13:52

both options are fine: .index(0) or [0]. The problem is that these return an html element not a jQuery object. Therefore, you cannot use the functions width() and height()

You can use eq() or convert the html objects into jquery with $, but the best option is to get this through selectors:

$("canvas[name=myCanvas]:first-child").width( $(window).width() ).height( $(window).height() );


$("canvas[name=myCanvas]:nth-child(0)").width( $(window).width() ).height( $(window).height() );
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