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I am new to github and presume I am missing something in the instructions featured below.


First run git submodule update --init to initialize and pull down the version of the Android Facebook SDK that works with this plugin; it will end up under lib/. Copy the src and res folders from lib/facebook-android-sdk/facebook/ into the root of your Cordova Android application. It should merge with the existing src and res folders and not overwrite.

I have been able to successfully run and clone the code for the plugin with git clone https://github.com/davejohnson/phonegap-plugin-facebook-connect.git, however the next step doesn't make any sense to me in that I should just run git submodule update --init, it seems to me that some type of context is missing. What do I need to do?

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Wow it was so simple, I simply had to cd to the repo and run the command.

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