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I am using simple scheme for plot 2D heat map from my data like this:

set pm3d map
set pm3d interpolation 5,5
splot "file"

Now i need to mark few points on this data, maybe with white color. I tried to do:

splot "file"; plot "points"

and it's not working and writes: "Can't use pm3d for 2d plots".

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What does the file look like? You can do:

splot 'file' with pm3d, 'points' with points linecolor rgb "white"

depending on what 'points' looks like though, you might need to add a using specification:

splot 'file' with pm3d, 'points' using 1:2:(0.0) with points linecolor rgb "white"
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thank you a lot, it helps! my files looks like x y z where z was a color, in my case magnetic field amplitude –  Alej Oct 28 '12 at 21:31

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