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Say I have the tables Products and Images, where a product can have many images. When fetching a list of products for a search results page, how can include the first product image as a thumbnail?

What would be the best way to do when also taking performance into consideration? (number of queries, memory, overall time, etc)

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I believe you would want to fetch the image directly in template. Rather than building a list in view and pass it in template, as there would be on number of items.

So I will recommend to implement a method in Products model that finds first image and returns url for it.


def Products(models.Model):
    #your fields

    def get_image_url(self):
            img = self.images_set.filter()[0] #get first image
            return img.url()
        except Exception:
            return None

In template:

{% for p in product_list %}
     {# render product and add image #}
     <img href="{{p.get_image_url }}" />
{% endfor %}
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This would cause a relatively large amount of queries no? –  RS7 Oct 28 '12 at 16:11

If you need performance boost w/o much architecture reworking, de-normalization is a first way to try:

class Product(models.Model): # instead of Products as convention
    first_image = models.ImageField(editable=False, null=True)

Then maintaining the first_image when Product.image_set get updated through signal.

Also, you could even store the "weakref" inside some dumped field (use this when you really need it :)

class Product(models.Model):
    # from django-jsonfield, store raw values of ImageField of the Images model
    extra = JSONField()
    def first_image(self):
        image = self.extra.get('image')
        return models.ImageField.attr_class(None, models.ImageFIeld(), image) if image else None

Other simple ways may include

  • Load the first images in batch and use them in template loop per Product(). The first images need to be marked for easy query.
  • directly store first_image in Product instead of being an Images. This works fine for simple sites w/o too much management requirements .
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