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How can i request with gremlin a limited list of nodes with properties of my choosing?

Something like:

g.V. 10 nodes with nodeType=="User", return only id, name and email.
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g.V.filter{it.nodeType=='User'}[0..9].transform(){ +  ' ' + + ' ' +}
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For speed, do filter{it.getProperty('nodeType').equals('User')}...

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If you are using Tinkerpop 3 and you have the "Type" you are are searching on defined as the node label then you can do something like this:


Note also that I think you need to specify [0..10] if you want 10 nodes and not [0..9]

However I totally defer to Marko's answer on performance as he understands the internals. I just like the clean feel of hasLabel().

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Using TinkerPop 3+, that would be:

g.V().hasLabel('user').limit(10).valueMap(true, 'name', 'email')

Calling valueMap(true) returns both the id and the label of the traversed graph element.

For performance, it is now recommended to avoid lambdas and use Gremlin steps.

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