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Hi i'm implementing a visual editor where users are allowed to drag images onto the page, and drag other images inside these previously dragged images (kind of 'add another image').

I basically only need the mouse coordinates during the drag: the element hiliting etc... i do with custom functions based on these coordinates.

The problem is, while on Webkit I can get them with event.clientX and event.clientY, under Firefox (v.16.0.1 OSX) their 'counterparts' pageX and pageY are always zero in my experience during a drag.

However, they are not Zero during a mouseMove.

Smart as I am, I did a


to always have the latest PageX and PageY so I could use them inside the onDrag handler but ...

the OnMouseMove does not fire during a Drag And Drop operation :( :(

Is there any way I can get the Mouse X and Y during a DnD? I'd like not to clutter very much my code, as it should (and already does) work in different platforms but on firefox.

Can anybody give me some pointers? Thanx in advance.

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sorry, I found the answer here:

How do I get clientX and clientY to work inside my "drag" event handler on Firefox?

I've solved it like this:

    && $(document)
            .on("dragover",function(e) {

I'm really surprised and confused that onDragOver DOES include clientX and clientY. Why the ** don't they populate them to the ondrag event?

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