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My iOS iPhone simulator quit looking like an iPhone for some reason. Now it looks more like an iPad. Just yesterday it looked like an iPhone4/5 depending on my device selection.

Here is an example of the odd look: enter image description here

Anyone know how to get it to look like an iPhone again? I want this for capturing demo shots.


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I have observed that the simulator will show this view if it is launched on a non-Retina screen. If I run the same app & same simulator on a retina screen, it will show the actual iPhone 4/5 frame.

If you do not have a Retina MBP, you might try enabling HiDPI mode on your Mac and then restarting the simulator. But I don't know for sure if this will work. See: How to simulate a retina display (HiDPI mode) on a non-retina display?

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