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I'm using greet searchable map template with fusion tables by Derek Eder. I can connect the script to my fusion table and showing my projects on map successfully but when I'm trying to filter from a type column using checkboxs, the data on map not changing. Can any one help me? Here's my website: and if you look at the resource there's a js file name maps_lib.js that there's my setting.

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I just took a quick look at your code to see if I could offer any assistance as I too am working through some of Derek Eder's wonderful fusion table searchable template examples. What I did see was errors in your code, specifically

Invalid row index 4. Should be in the range [0-3].

If I were you I would make a point of familiarizing myself with console.log() as it's really useful to help self-diagnose your code first before posting up help etc.

Good luck!!

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