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I'm looking for a way to list all pages on the wiki Home page instead of the standard welcome message. Here's an example of what I want: https://github.com/yahoo/oozie/wiki

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Got it! The trick was to delete the Home page, but it was impossible to do directly from github.

Here's a workaround: Go to wiki / Git Access and clone the wiki repository with the provided link. In the cloned repo just delete the file representing the Home page (in my case it was Home.md). Push the changes back.

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Simply renaming the Home page title did the trick. –  owahab May 20 '13 at 2:30
the best way is to create a new wiki page, then change the page title to home.. easy! credit to @owahab –  iancrowther Oct 24 '13 at 11:03
So when you go to the wiki (via the sidebar link) to which page you land ? –  Mr_and_Mrs_D Mar 26 at 14:19
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I just went to Home page (something like https://github.com/user/repo/wiki), then clicked Edit page and then Delete page.

And one important thing: if you deleted Home page and want to get it back — just create a new page with name Home.

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I tried this, page would refresh after Delete, but then still existed. Perhaps Github glitch, or intentional, dunno. –  Jon L. Jan 9 at 16:44
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I have just figured out how to do it: Go to Home page > click Edit page > Delete the title and content > Click save. Done, you will see something like https://github.com/host-gator/t/wiki

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This doesn't seem to work any more. Worse, GH now creates a default home page even if you delete one. –  rfay Jun 17 at 15:44
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As of at least July 2014, none of these suggestions work anymore. They will seem to work at first, and you'll get the page full of links as your homepage, but only temporarily. Regardless of how you delete or rename the Home page, it will be auto-created again the next time you make edits to the wiki.

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