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I knew that Lua does not fully support unicode however there should be a workaround to solve this problem? string.reverse will not work with unicode so the following example will not work


any help on that?

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What flavour of unicode are you working with UTF8 or something else. Have you reviewed the Wiki for this? – Jane T Oct 28 '12 at 19:38
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Corona SDK seems to be using UTF-8 as encoding.

If you want to reverse all Unicode code points in a string, instead of all bytes, you can use that code:

function utf8reverse(str)
  return str:gsub("([\194-\244][\128-\191]+)", string.reverse):reverse()


The trick is as follows: a multibyte Unicode code point always start with a byte 11xx xxxx, followed by one or several bytes 10xx xxxx. The first step is to reverse all bytes on each multibyte code point, and then reverse all bytes.

Note: when a Unicode character is composed of several code points, that simple trick will not work. A full support would require a big Unicode database to deal with.

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nice trick; reminds me of reversing words in a string by reversing characters in each of the words and then reversing the entire string. – Paul Kulchenko Oct 29 '12 at 1:24

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