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I have a form that you dynamically creates new input fields (type=hidden) which when the form is sent should be retrieved by my php code. However, by the reason that the number of input fields can differ I gave them the same name. The problem however is that I don't know how to retrieve it, or more correctly, what to do with what's retrieved.

from the form:

<input type='hidden' name='newListObject' value='0' />
<input type='hidden' name='newListObject' value='1' />
<input type='hidden' name='newListObject' value='2' />
<input type='hidden' name='newListObject' value='3' />

from php code (listView.php):

private $m_newListObject = 'newListObject';
if (isset($_POST[$this->newListObject])) {
    $listObjects = $_POST[$this->m_newListObject];

from php code (listModel.php):

//Below doesn't work because $listObjects isn't an array

foreach ($listObjects as $listObject) {
    $query = "INSERT INTO listElement (listElemName, listId) VALUES(?, ?)";

    $stmt = $this->m_db->Prepare($query);

    $stmt->bind_param('si', $listObject, $listId);

    $ret = $this->m_db->RunInsertQuery($stmt);

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<input type='hidden' name='newListObject[]' value='0' />
<input type='hidden' name='newListObject[]' value='1' />
<input type='hidden' name='newListObject[]' value='2' />
<input type='hidden' name='newListObject[]' value='3' />

And use $_REQUEST['newListObject'] as an array() now.

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Thanks! So I should retrieve them without the "[]"? Should I use $_REQUEST instead of $_POST or what do you mean? –  holyredbeard Oct 28 '12 at 19:21
@holyredbeard $_POST if you POST, $_GET if you GET, $_REQUEST if I don't know :) [] turns them into arrays in PHP. So you treat $_WHATEVER['newListObject'] as an array not a scalar. And without []. That's just in HTML to make PHP give you arrays. –  CodeAngry Oct 28 '12 at 19:51

If you call them name="newListPObject[]" PHP will receive them as an array that can be looped over.

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