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I am using DBUnit for my integration tests and I was able to create a XML dataset. I added the dataset.xml file in the resources folder (standard Maven project). However when I try to just say new File("dataset.xml"); it doesn't find the file and it prints that it tried to combine what I wrote with the path of my glassfish domain folder. I tried with an absoulute path and it works...but that can't be the right way of doing it?

FlatXmlDataSetBuilder builder = new FlatXmlDataSetBuilder();
IDataSet dataSet = builder.build(new File("/home/dude/Projects/Java/SecretProject/Code/Backend/SuperApp/src/test/resources/dataset.xml"));
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I had the same problem in my IntelliJ project...

I was using file import via annotation


and placing identical to java package tree in resources solved my problem i.e.:

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Thanks, solved my issue too + note a leading "/" eg @DatabaseSetup("/UserServiceTest.xml") will pick up xml file from src/test/resources root directory rather than relative directory –  Corin Fletcher May 8 at 8:23

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