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I never used SWI Prolog or AIlog but I assume the syntax is the same (might be wrong).

I am having problem when comparing a number to a stored variable, like: "is 10 < age_limit?". As I get an Error: "Error in built-in predicate 10 < age_limit."

The code is as follows:


% data values

patient_child <-
            age = X & X < age_limit.

patient_adult <-
            age = X & X >= age_limit.

askable age = X.

I don't know what I am doing wrong and cannot find it in the manual.

Please suggest me the proper syntax. Thanks a lot!

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In Prolog we would write

patient_child <-
            age = X, age_limit(Y), X < Y.

(since Prolog doesn't have askable, I am assuming age = X part is right).

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Finally I have got it working. Similarly to "Alexey Romanov"'s suggestion the code will be:

patient_child <- age = X & age_limit(AL) & X < AL.
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