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I am a beginner of Wix, I make a msi, and install it in windows7,but the application
only work correctly when runas administrator. Can somebody give me some suggest?

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Do you mean that the setup needs to run with administrative privileges? Or the application that has been installed by your setup? –  0xA3 Aug 21 '09 at 10:45
The application that has been installed by your setup need administrative privileges to run. –  Anonymous Aug 24 '09 at 1:15

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You need to generate a verbose log file (see the command line options topic in the MSI SDK) and see what the actual install error is.

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sorry for my unclear question. the process of installation is successful, the application installed by setup package need adim privilege to run correctely. –  Anonymous Aug 24 '09 at 1:19
The issue you described above means there is a bug somewhere in your installation. The Windows Installer will elevate correctly for you. However, if you have a bug in your setup (usually a buggy Custom Action) then things can still fail. A verbose log file will point to the root issue. –  Rob Mensching Aug 24 '09 at 15:53

Does it run on Vista? For installation it is common to be run by administrator - the application itself should be able to run without admin privileges and this requires dedicated work.

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Run on windwos 7 –  Anonymous Aug 24 '09 at 1:20

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