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I'm trying to use awk to replace a multiple string in a file. I have a repeated set of lines that I need to replace and delete. For example the file has

INSTANCE "INVX1":"physical"
"A" : "reset"
"Y" : "pp_resetbar"

INSTANCE "INVX1":"physical"
"A" : "reset"
"Y" : "pp_resetbar"

INSTANCE "INVX1":"physical"
"A" : "reset"
"Y" : "pp_resetbar"

and I want to change/replace the first two and delete the 3rd, 4th, ..., Nth

INSTANCE "INVX1":"physical"
"A" : "reset"
"Y" : "pp_resetbar_b"

INSTANCE "BUFX2":"physical"
"A" : "pp_resetbar_b"
"Y" : "pp_resetbar"

To be honest I don't even know where to start. I created a script to replace the Nth occurrence but doesn't seem work for this. See below. Any help will be more than appreciated.

awk -v search=$2 -v replace=$3 -v cnt=$4 '$0 ~ search{c++;if(c==cnt){sub(search,replace);}}1' "$file" > temp && mv temp "$file"
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So ... is it the exact duplicate of these 4 lines that you want to remove? That is, if there was an INSTANCE "INVX2":"physical", but the rest was the same, you'd print it? Also, are all repeated instances grouped together, or might a repeat show up later, after some other records that are supposed to be kept? I think we need more details about where this data is coming from and what you plan to use it for; this isn't enough of an example to cover the scope of modification you've asked for. –  ghoti Oct 28 '12 at 20:31
The INSTANCE "INVX1":"physical" blocks are normally grouped but might not be for all files. What I'll like to have is a script that I can tell which occurrence to change, similar to the script I posted but for a multiline string. –  geo Oct 29 '12 at 0:58
I still don't think we have enough to go on. I mean, we could do multi-line pattern detection with a series of if conditions in awk, setting state for future instances of the pattern, but this would seem to be a very localized solution. What about converting your data into something more easily sorted and analyzed, then converting it back to the format you need for whatever application uses this data? –  ghoti Oct 29 '12 at 1:07
I'm under the assumption that the first code block is the input and the second should be the output. Is that right? If so, where did "pp_resetbar_b" and "BUFX2" come from? That wasn't in the input. –  Daniel Kaplan Dec 19 '12 at 21:07

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Untested but should be close:

awk -v RS= -v ORS="\n\n" '
    { c = ++count[$0] }
    c == 1 { <replace some stuff> }
    c == 2 { <replace other stuff> }
    c <= 2
' file
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