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So for me the emulator never works. And I don't want to USB debug. So my development cycle involves packaging a new apk for edits I make in Eclipse, and sending it to my phone through dropbox and installing and running the apk from there, noting the errors, and repeating the cycle.

I want to know if there are any other emulators or easier ways for testing an apk. Thanks.

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http://androvm.org/ is promising, it seems to work as well as the emulator does if not better but you have to do a little bit more configuration.

Androvm hasnow turned into http://www.genymotion.com/ which is even easier to use than every other alternative, i expec this is what you will want to use.

The other option is adb over wifi, which will let you use your phone without doing the dropbox step http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1685736. For this to work you will need root though.

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I followed Cyril Mottier's advice


and downloaded Genymotion wich works with VirtualBox.

There is no comparison between AVD and GenyMotion. Genymotion uses virtualization instead of emulation, giving us incredible performances.

You can download it here :


The only downside is that all available virtual machines run on API 16+ for now.

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Research posted on Nodeclipse Share.

All options are:

  • Android SDK
  • Android-x86
  • BlueStacks (free while in beta)
  • AndroVM and Genymotion are related (free and paid version)
  • Windroy
  • YouWave, read on the site (not free, 15-20$)
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this link contains all Genymotion possible alternatives, these alternatives like:

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