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I want to make a ruby function called within rails. I followed this question, but I get redirected to


which I don't want. I only want to execute the function when the button is clicked, but remain on the same page!


I modified the code, or better yet, made a scratch site just to solve this. I only did:

rails new eraseme
cd eraseme
rails g controller public home


class PublicController < ApplicationController
  def home

  def my_func



<%= button_to "Button", {:action => "my_func", :arg => "arg"} %>

What I want to do, is execute my_func when I click the button. But when I click, I get

No route matches {:action=>"my_func", :arg=>"arg", :controller=>"public"}
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Would this question help more? stackoverflow.com/questions/4605837/… – jab Oct 28 '12 at 20:58
controller code? view code? – shime Oct 28 '12 at 20:58
@jab9bansai9 It did - modified the question – cauchy Oct 28 '12 at 21:22
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So, from what I can tell. I think you want to make a button that will send an AJAX/HTTP request to the Controller in order to call a function, that won't return a HTML file at completion.

In order to accomplish this, you must do the following.

1.) Set the HTTP routing for this call, this is within the config/routes.rb file.

match '/public/my_func' => 'public#my_func'

This allows your application to direct any HTTP requests with the following URL to call your method within the controller. Your button_to method will send this call with that URL due to the :action => "my_func" param.

2.) Also include the :remote => true, :form => { "data-type" => "json" } as more parameters to the button_to method.

This will transform the button from a traditonal HTTP request to an HTTP Request via AJAX request.

Let me know how this works, I think there are alternatives to using AJAX in this case, if its a very simple method then you can perhaps include it within the view as erb.

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Yes, that's exactly what I want. I started reading about AJAX, and later thought -mistakenly- that rails wouldn't need another parameter. It now complains about missing template. I'll go over it. – cauchy Oct 28 '12 at 22:35

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