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I'm trying to add music to an already existing animation I have that runs for x amount of time. I need the animation to stop when the music stops. How would I go about doing this without using the Swing way? I understand I'm going to need to create threads, but how can I determine when the music is done playing in order to stop the animation?

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Depending on what version of Java you are using you will find different answers. In Java 6 since there is no easy way to make a music player, most players operate through reading the bytes of the song and utilize a while loop. When the while loop is finished the song is done and that is where you can call the animation to stop.

In Java 7, Oracle provides a music player class to aid users which makes the process you are looking for a lot easier. Simply create an instance of the player and inside your animation class just continue it while the player is playing. Look into the javax.sound.sampled package. It has extensions of the data line class which has a method called isRunning() which should give you the functionality you are looking for.

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