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Is there an existing naming convention for using abbreviations in Django classes (e.g. models, forms, etc)? Specifically I'm interested if there's different rules between abbreviations/acronyms/initialisms?

So far I've only found examples of non-acronyms:

  • XMLField
  • HTTPRequest

What should a JSON field be called (since it's an acronym)?

  • JSONField, or
  • JsonField
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And there are already django-jsonfield and django-json-field. They both use JSONField –  okm Oct 29 '12 at 1:04

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From PEP 8:

Use JSONField over JsonField.

Since CapWords are used for class names, this comment applies:

Note: When using abbreviations in CapWords, capitalize all the letters of the abbreviation. Thus HTTPServerError is better than HttpServerError.

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