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I'm creating a store that has specific colors for products based on the product brand so BRAND A has 10-20 colors BRAND B has 20-30 colors etc. The colors aren't straight forward(red,blue,green). Some are created from the brands like Cantik, Mangesteen, Tribal etc so there will be quite a few variations initially and going forward the system should account for that. I could just create a generic color attribute but I don't think it's efficent to have a dropdown of 1000+ colors. Might be a headache eventually :).

So my two options are:

  1. Create color attributes for all brands(colors_brandA,colors_brandB etc) and attribute sets for the product types "Swimwear, Clothing, Accessories" and assign all color attributes to those attribute sets. This works but is not as granular as option 2.

  2. Create color attributes the same as in option 1 but instead of creating attribute sets specific to the product type i.e. "Swimwear", create an attribute set specific to the brand i.e. "BRAND A" and associate the specic color attribute to that set. This way I only get options available to that brand rather than the entire product type.

Anyone help on this would be much appreciated!

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So, if option 2 is favorable, why don't you choose option 2? –  Lucas Moeskops Oct 29 '12 at 9:47
In option 1 the attribute sets are named more logical. In option 2 the attribute sets are named by brand so even though it works, logically it doesn't make sense. –  ringerce Oct 29 '12 at 19:46

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