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Let's say I have a std::vector<Node*> nodes; and a std::vector<Unit*> units;. Each node points to a unit and each unit points back to the node, so they are connected. But what happens when I use erase to remove an element from the middle of either array? If it resizes the array, does that mean it removes all of the elements, stores them in some buffer and builds back the resized array? So if I use erase on nodes, the pointers in units would become invalid?

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Removing or inserting elements from or into the middle of a vector moves all the higher elements down or up appropriately. But since you're just moving pointers around, that's a nearly trivial operation. Nothing happens to the other pointers (the ones you aren't erasing), and nothing happens to any of the pointees.

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Erasing an element from a vector of pointers does not call a delete on the object, pointed to by the pointer. Your Node<->Unit pointers will stay valid.

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