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I am using jQuery DataTables in some of my HTML tables. Well, I have a page where I list severral tables and I have to filter all of them by the same filters. In the case is a date range that I customized.

All of the tables use the same css class to construct the dataTable and the search by date-range i did at


I also have another search by text, using


and this one is also working in only one table, not in them all as I was expecting to be.


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possible duplicate of how to put multiple jquery dataTables in one page? – Tats_innit Oct 29 '12 at 1:05

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did you notice this Range filtering (dates)

Show details Filter a column on a specific date range. Note that you will likely need to change the id's on the inputs and the columns in which the start and end date exist.

function( oSettings, aData, iDataIndex ) {
    var iFini = document.getElementById('fini').value;
    var iFfin = document.getElementById('ffin').value;
    var iStartDateCol = 6;
    var iEndDateCol = 7;

    iFini=iFini.substring(6,10) + iFini.substring(3,5)+ iFini.substring(0,2)
    iFfin=iFfin.substring(6,10) + iFfin.substring(3,5)+ iFfin.substring(0,2)       

    var datofini=aData[iStartDateCol].substring(6,10) + aData[iStartDateCol].substring(3,5)+ aData[iStartDateCol].substring(0,2);
    var datoffin=aData[iEndDateCol].substring(6,10) + aData[iEndDateCol].substring(3,5)+ aData[iEndDateCol].substring(0,2);

    if ( iFini == "" && iFfin == "" )
        return true;
    else if ( iFini <= datofini && iFfin == "")
        return true;
    else if ( iFfin >= datoffin && iFini == "")
        return true;
    else if (iFini <= datofini && iFfin >= datoffin)
        return true;
    return false;


Range filtering (numbers) Filter a specific numeric column on the value being between two given numbers. Note that you will likely need to change the id's on the inputs and the column in which the numeric value is given.

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Hi, thanks for this. Well, it's pretty much what I did, and it will still work on only one table, not in a range. Upvote because it works, but still will not solve my problem. As I saw up there in a comment, seems that I can do this in a .each() and will work. I'm gooing to test this right now. Thanks again! – PedroHCan Oct 29 '12 at 2:10
thank for the upvote :) – ucefkh Oct 29 '12 at 2:26

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