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I've self-signed a java applet, so when a user views this applet in a browser, the browser will show a digital signature cannot be verified confirmation dialog. That's all ok, however the value of the "Name:" property (seen above the "Publisher:" property) of this confirmation dialog is set to something I don't remember setting when doing the signing.

So my question is, where is this value coming from, and how do I change it?

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Ok, found it, it is the name of the applet in the HTML source

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If using the <object> tag, add a name parameter:

<param name="name" value="Name of Applet">

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Specifying additional name parameter works for <applet> as well. It even overrides the value of the name attribute of <applet name="...">. –  anre Apr 24 '13 at 18:07

In addition to the above responses, use Application-Name property in the MANIFEST.MF inside your (signed) jar.

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