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I am getting some problem with the conversion of linq query to sql query. The source of the problem is when i am using IBPUNO field what is a string type in the edmx file and nchar in sql server)

var query = (from c in ContextM3.MPLINE where c.IBSUNO == supplier.M3Code.Trim() &&       orderNumbers.Contains(c.IBPUNO)

The conversion of the "where" clause from linq query to sql servr is something like:

...WHERE ([Extent1].[IBSUNO] = (LTRIM(RTRIM(@p__linq__0)))) AND ([Extent1].[IBPUNO] IN (N''177828'',N''7115912'))',N'@p__linq__0 nvarchar(4000)',@p__linq__0=N'8100033   '

If I execute this sql query in the ssms I got no rows but if i change the sql query to

WHERE ([Extent1].[IBSUNO] = (LTRIM(RTRIM(@p__linq__0)))) AND ([Extent1].[IBPUNO] IN (177828,7115912))',N'@p__linq__0 nvarchar(4000)',@p__linq__0=N'8100033   '

then woks fine and it retrieve the rows what i want (the change what i did is translate the values N''177828'' TO only 177828 so my question how i can say to Net do this change??

[Extent1].[IBPUNO] IN (N''177828'',N''7115912'))

TO [Extent1].[IBPUNO] IN (177828,7115912))

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You can store integers instead of strings in orderNumbers and convert c.IBPUNO to an int using Convert.ToInt32():

var orderNumbers = new [] { 177828, 7115912 };
var query = (from c in ContextM3.MPLINE 
             where c.IBSUNO == supplier.M3Code.Trim() &&       
             // select etc...

If possible you should have IBPUNO be an int in the first place.

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yes, i follow your your answer the issue with that is that i can't change any column in the database (my query is retrieve info from a external system). BTW: i found what was the issue: the MPLINE table has values with empty strings at the begining and the end :(... –  Rolando Oct 29 '12 at 1:47
my fix was something like: from c in ContextM3.MPLINE where c.IBSUNO.Trim() == supplier.M3Code.Trim() && orderNumbers.Contains(c.IBPUNO.Trim() –  Rolando Oct 29 '12 at 1:48
@Rolando: I'm glad to see you got it working! If you feel that is the best answer then feel free to add and accept it. My answer is also correct though, right? –  Risky Martin Oct 29 '12 at 2:02

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