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I have an OpenLayers vector layer and for the points in that layer I'm using an external graphic which is the name of the place. Each place has a different name and therefore a different image width. Rather than having the name centered over the point I want it to the side pointing at the spot (the graphic is shaped a bit like a road sign I guess). I can move the image to the side easily enough by setting the graphicXOffset to 0 but I can't set the graphicWidth because I don't know how wide the image will be.

If I setting it to the wrong value, the image gets squashed. If I don't set the graphicHeight and graphicWidth the image doesn't appear.

The only idea I have at the moment is to make the images a fixed width with the extra space being transparent, but that area would still be clickable which would be very strange to the user.

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Are you storing filename for icon in feature's attributes and using attribute replacement to set externalGraphic, ie:

'externalGraphic': '${icon}'

You could create predefined lookup table for all images and use style's or stylemap's context function:

var style = new OpenLayers.Style({
    externalGraphic: '${icon}',
    graphicWidth: '${getWidth}',
    /* etc... */
}, {
    context: {
        getWidth: function(feat) {
            var lookup = {
                'london.png': 120,
                'manchester.png': 150
            var defaultWidth = 100;
            return lookup[feat.attributes.icon] || defaultWidth;
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The externalGraphic attribute is a url to a webservice that will produce a PNG for me. I won't know beforehand quite what the width will be because that depends on the webservice's choice of fonts and padding around the text. – Craig Oct 29 '12 at 9:47
  1. Add an event listener to the layer for 'beforefeatureadded'
  2. Make a synchronous AJAX call to another web service method that returns the image size.
  3. Then set the width and height as attributes of the feature.
  4. Use ${widthAttr}, ${heightAttr} replacement in the style.
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I'm sad that this is the best solution – rocketsarefast Nov 14 '13 at 22:55

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