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I need to fill the closed besier curve with colour...can anybody help me to improve this code because it doesn't work:

    COLORREF collor = RGB(100,50,150);
    CPen g(PS_INSIDEFRAME, 50, collor);
    pDC->SetBkColor(RGB(90, 100, 128));
    CPoint Pt[10]=

    CPoint(400, 260),
    CPoint(480, 260),
    CPoint(500, 260),
    CPoint(470, 290),
    CPoint(450, 350),
    CPoint(470, 370),
    CPoint(430, 370),
    CPoint(420, 391),
    CPoint(405, 410),
    CPoint(400, 260),
    pDC->PolyBezier(Pt, 10);


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You need to select a brush which has been created as a solid color with the color you want to fill with.

CBrush brush;
CBrush * pOldBrush = (CBrush *) pDC->SelectObject(&brush);
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