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I have a subclassed numpy array - a "spectroscopic axis" with metadata such as units.

I can create a copy of any instance using arr.copy or a view using, e.g., arr2=arr[2:5].

Is there any way to create a new instance of one of these arrays with a different shape but keeping the same metadata / data type?

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A simple solution would be to define a .reshape method in your subclass. This .reshape method should call the __array_finalize__ method that would be in charge of copying the metadata from your object.

For example, the MaskedArray subclass uses a _update_from private method that copies some metadata (_fill_value, _optinfo...) from one object to another or sets defaults for these metadata if they are not yet available. The _update_method is called within __array_finalize__. You could follow the sources as an example.

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I think all I need is an _update_from method. It's non-trivial: I have to specify which attributes to inherit, but it works. – keflavich Oct 29 '12 at 15:33
If your subclass has a __dict__, you could start by ensuring that it is properly copied in __array_finalize__. You probably don't need the whole _update_from. – Pierre GM Oct 29 '12 at 15:43

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