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I have a zip password file and know this password.

I need open this zip file in Windows 8 metro app program code.

But 'System.IO.Compression.ZipArchive' is not supported decompress zip with password in Windows 8 metro app program code.

I'm try SharpZipLib and DotNetZip. BUT they are not support net 4.5. So i doesn't use them in my metro program code.

I'm try Ionic.Zip. It's ok in program code. I want to build packages to upload to the windows store. But not pass in microsoft code review.

Is there another way? thanks a lot

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The System.IO.Compression.FileSystem assembly is not available for Windows Store apps, so you cannot use the ExtractToDirectory extension method of the ZipFileExtensions class.

Instead of DirectoryInfo, FileInfo, etc. use StorageFile. See Accessing data and files and the File access sample for more information on how to read and write files in Metro style apps. Then you'll need to read the data from the file into a stream and then pass that to methods of one of the following class (your choice):

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