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I am experienced ROR developer, but new to JRuby. I am trying to create Rails application in Jruby and then making an executable WAR file using Warbler.

$warble executable war

It created a WAR file but when I tried to run it by

$java -jar myapp.war

It just throw up this error.

error: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: winstone.Launcher

My on Ubuntu with RVM using JRuby 1.6.8, am I missing anything?

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Warbler downloads this dependency for you when executing warble executable war, so something must have gone wrong during that phase. This could potentially be a warbler bug, what version are you using?

Here are some leads:

  • Is the winstone jar downloaded under ~/.m2/repository/org/jenkins-ci/winstone?
  • Is the webserver properly packaged in your war?

    jar tvf your.war | grep webserver.jar

  • Try a different server by editing the warbler config in config/warble.rb and adding:

    config.server = 'jetty'

    (if you have no config yet, run warble config; this creates config/warble.rb)

  • Try uninstalling the warbler gem, and reinstalling it.
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