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I ran the following db2 script with no problem on my terminal. but when I try to access the actual front end page involved with this table I get the error (code 57016) that indicates the table is inactive. I restarted the db2 but still this issue is happening.

Can anyone please help me out here

alter table CUSTOMER alter column Delivery set default 0! 
alter table CUSTOMER alter column Delivery set not null! 

alter table CUSTOMER add constraint pref_ck4 check (Delivery between 0 and 1)!


and the rollback was:

alter table CUSTOMER alter Delivery drop DEFAULT!
alter table CUSTOMER alter COLUMN Delivery drop NOT NULL!

alter table CUSTOMER drop constraint pref_ck4!

reorg table CUSTOMER!


The error I receive:

UncategorisedDatabaseException: Query=[SELECT * FROM CUSTOMER WHERE ID = ?], database       vendor error message is: DB2 SQL error: SQLCODE: -668, SQLSTATE: 57016, SQLERRMC: 7;CUSTOMER, UncategorisedDatabaseException errorCode = -668

db2 => ? 57016

SQLSTATE 57016: The table cannot be accessed, because it is inactive.
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And how is this related to Java? – Edwin Dalorzo Oct 29 '12 at 3:37
usually Java devs are more into db2 stuff than others! – ComeRun Oct 29 '12 at 3:39
Can you please add some relevant info ? – GK27 Oct 29 '12 at 3:40
I added the error details, please let me know what else would be helpful to add thanks – ComeRun Oct 29 '12 at 3:43

It's best to look at SQLCODE and SQLERRMC to understand the specific error. SQLSTATE doesn't uniquely identify an error.

SQLCODE -668 is SQL0668N; SQLERRMC (7;CUSTOMER) indicates that it's due to reason code 7 on the CUSTOMER table.

To look up this error you can use a handy reference from a DB2 client:

$ db2 "? sql0668n"

SQL0668N  Operation not allowed for reason code "<reason-code>" on table


Access to table "<table-name>" is restricted. The cause is based on the
following reason codes "<reason-code>": 


         The table is in the reorg pending state. This can occur after
         an ALTER TABLE statement containing a REORG-recommended


User response:


         Reorganize the table using the REORG TABLE command.

         For a table in the reorg pending state, note that the following
         clauses are not allowed when reorganizing the table:

         *  The INPLACE REORG TABLE clause
         *  The ON DATA PARTITION clause for a partitioned table when
            table has nonpartitioned indexes defined on the table

The solution is to run REORG on your table.

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