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The tables are for users to access different places

The design as below:

user table:

place          (the row define access rights)

place table:


My thoughts:

three places and placeid are 001,002,003 one user and userid is 001 to aceess these three places

userid     username       place
001        john           001,002,003

placeid    placename   floor
001        A           1 
002        B           2 
003        C           3
004        D           4 

My question is,

in "user" table, the attribute "place" contains many placeids, and separate by a comma, this design is fine or bad ? It needs to separate the place values from "user" table ?

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Using a comma delimited list to do a many to many relationship is bad design. You should use an intermediate table instead:




Instead of putting "1,2,3" in user.place for userid 001, then, you put three rows in accessrights, all with userid 001 and one with each placeid.

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That's not a good idea. Make a separate table to store the relationship:

userid  placeid
1       1
1       2
1       3

Indexing your approach would not be straight forward - although possible.

Use the name "users-places" as it implies what 2 tables it relates. Change the name if you significantly store more information about this relationship - ie, you start adding columns to this new table.

Also, name your tables in the plural form. Singular is reserved for class names. Tables are thought of as collections.

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Thank you all,

I modified my design as below, is it fine ?

userid     username       groupid
1          john           1

groupid      groupname
1           admin
2           general
3           special 

groupno    groupid      placeid
1          1            1
2          1            2
3          1            3
4          1            4  
5          2            1
6          2            2
7          2            3

placeid    placename   floor
1          A           1 
2          B           2 
3          C           3
4          D           4 
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the table should be called groups-places and you don't need the groupno column. It looks like it's just an id and in that case, if you still want it, name it id. –  Adam Dymitruk Oct 29 '12 at 17:30
ok! thank you, Adam ! –  aquatear Oct 30 '12 at 3:27

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